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A place surrounded by rich nature, Nyudousaki

Nyudousaki at the northwest end of the Oga Peninsula where glittering sea and calm grassland spreads. Here is a place where many people will visit as a place where you can feel the beauty of nature in Japan long ago. In Nyudousaki, there is a lighthouse made of monochrome striped patterns, the lighthouse, the grassland spreading green, the azure sea, the crystal clear blue sky become a unified landscape, living in nature alone There are temporary pastures. The place here lies on the 40 degree north latitude and is connected to major cities such as Beijing, Naples, Madrid, New York and there are monuments to show it. This place on the 40 degree north latitude is connected with the world. Perhaps a little exaggerated, it may be a place where you can imagine the place and the world where you are, and a place that you can face yourself with the unit of the world somewhat sensibly in the nature of Nyudousaki. This time I will try yoga at Nyudousaki i in a place surrounded by such nature.

Blending process between me and nature

As the blue sky shines, lay a mat on the coastal meadow and start yoga. As I close my eyes and concentrate on my yoga pose, I hear the sound of the waves heard from the ocean, occasionally the waves break down into rocks and I hear a bit bigger sound, but mostly it is calm A comfortable sound. The sound of the wind will also enter the ear, from the back you will hear the sound of rubbing the flowers, as if you close your eyes you will feel as if you are in the forest, the face will loosen naturally. By doing yoga “Activities able to face ourselves” in the surrounded by nature such as ceiling-free space, ocean, mountain, grassy plain, we can feel human’s five senses more delicately. While posing for yoga, I will overcome my whole body and take my breath deeply. And put new air in the lungs. It is not important to make a pose with a high degree of difficulty, find the silence in your heart and how well you can harmonize it with nature. In order to do it, we will carefully conscious about the essential movement while yoga, as simple as breathing and people live. By breathing deeply, I send a lot of oxygen into my body and heal my body fatigue. It calms the euphoring heart that is usually nervous, after sports have ended, and returns it to myself. Breathing is to live. When you arrange breathing through yoga and introduce new air into your body, the condition of yourself and the condition of your heart will be visible to yourself. In such a process, it may come to nature to think about what you are and what kind of question you are doing yoga.

Regain connection with nature

Originally the word “yoga” is said to mean “connecting”. This time I fully enjoyed yoga in the wilderness, confronted myself and carried out activities to connect nature spreading in front of my eyes. In my daily life, I think that there is not much that there is a moment when the mind and body become open-minded. In such a case, you may be able to get new awareness and precious things by putting yourself in nature apart from everyday life. It is good to relax a hard body just getting up in the morning slowly with yoga in the morning sun, and it is okay to practice yoga while watching the setting sun which the contrast of the sky and the sea vividly changes from time to time. The charm of Oga ‘s Terracotta, it does not just enjoy the sight, but through the outdoor activities and experiencing something, it will foster a new charm. Enjoy yoga in the great ocean Oga Peninsula. It may be a new way for people coming to the Oga Peninsula to taste the process of relaxing and blending naturally.