The difficulties of learning Japanese
When learning Japanese, students would face many difficulties. Starting from remembering Hiragana, acquisition of Japanese becomes more and more difficult as it goes into basic grammar, daily conversation and Chinese characters. Even after reaching a certain level and having become able to travel around Japan, there are still many obstacles. Even after being able to handle daily conversation, something still feels strange. These might be a common feeling shared among Japanese language learners. Regardless of  the language ability, you might have felt the obstacles are standing in communication with the Japanese. 

The cause of the miscommunication perhaps lies not in the Japanese language itself but stems from the manner of speaking, relationship with others and community development. Japanese people, for good and bad, are not plain speakers. On the positive side, they speak out after paying consideration to others. On the negative side, their main point may not be conveyed well and their real intention is difficult to be served. This trait might be the reason why it is difficult to understand the Japanese.

In order to address the communicative problems, UGO ABROAD offers an environment which is as close as possible to the Japanese local community, so that the students can get used to the “authentic” Japanese conversation. The campus of UGO ABROAD is located in Ugo Town, and we offer an environment where Japanese local people spend their daily lives in. Sometimes students would learn at local schools with elementary school students, and other times they would study in a temple.  Language program addressing the different language ability: UGO ABROAD customize the language program for each student with authorized professional Japanese teachers in order to cater the different needs. Here, not only those professionals but also the locals are going to be their teachers. For example, for the beginner course, even children can become teachers.  Students will be able to immerse themselves in the Japanese-speaking environment, as they would talk to students without hesitation with their pure innocence and curiosity. For the business Japanese course, companies in Ugo Town will turn into the classrooms. Working actually in the company, students will be able to learn Japanese required in Japanese business environment.

  • 1:Interview

    In advance of the start of UGO ABROAD, the teachers will have interviews with each student on Skype. They will talk about current problems and their future goals, and develop the best language program of their own.

  • 2:Entrance Exam

    On the first day of UGO ABROAD, students will have to take Japanese exams. This is to know the current level of Japanese, objectively find the problems and to set a clear goal during the program.

  • 3:Peer Supporter

    During UGO ABROAD, teachers will always be available for consultations about students' progress, problems and concerns.