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Everything is there, from Asian to Western

Driving along the rias coast, there is a signboard saying “Senquaen garden – Apple shop”. But this is not our destination – next to the shop, you will see a large sign of “Dining cafe & crepe Senquaen”. Being awarded two-stars by the Iwate local production ceritfication, this dining is using more than 80% of the ingredients produced within the prefecture. Crossing all genres of food and even including a crepe cafe, the place is favored as “a family restaurant for the locals”.

One of the most popular menus is the “Fisher’s octopus rice bowl”, where the slices of octopus caught by a local fisher Mr. Murakami blooms like a flower on the bowl. The crispy karaage fries and the fresh sashimi make sa perfect harmony. “Karaage caesar salad udon” is another local favorite, which uses local Nanbu chicken with a rich taste of meat.

The dough of the crepe takes from the mornin to make, and uses the local Yukihcikara flour, creating a gorgeous fluffy taste. From maindishes to sweets, from soup stocks to seasoning, the owner is determined to use the best local ingredients.

Using the safest, securest local ingredients

Mr. Hiroshi Yoshida was born in an apple farm family, growing more than 50 sorts of apples. The name Senquaen means “Kesen region’s (sen) Orchard (kaen)”. After working as a civil servant in Hokkaido until the age of 30, he realized his dream to “deliver safe and secure food to the people”. Because his first training as a chef was at a Chinese restaurant in Morioka, his first restaurant became Chinese as well. However, while keep listening to the people’s requests and continuing to add all kinds of menus, the place has grown to a restauran offering anyting tasty.

Being from an apple farmer’s family, the apple juice blending seven sorts of different apples is just excellent. During fall they also offer a set of three varieties of apple juices. Many of the ingredients are produced by the owner”s old friends at the Morioka farmer’s highschool. After the 2011 earthquake, Senquaen was the first diner to reopen and offer food for the local people at the evacuation camp. Asking his future visions, Mr.Yoshida answered “I would like to continue using more local seafood from the Hirota bay”.


My impression

You cannot help getting excited by looking through the menu, and I felt that this would be my favorite local place if I would live around here. Next time when I visit, I’m really curious to try the ramen, which is popular for its rich taste using local soup stock and noodle.

Cafeteria & crepe Senquaen

Location: 029-2206, Iwate Prefecture Rikuzentakata Yonezaki-cho Kawamukai 7-3
Phone number: 0192-55-5420
URL: http://www.burari-kesen.com/shopDetail.html shop.id = 26
Hours: 11:00 to 20:00
Closed: Tuesday
Access: 10-minute drive from Wakinosawa station

Photography & Interview by Remo Sugimoto & Ichita Komori
Edited by Ichita Komori