Taste of Nature

In Yokote city, Akita, there are many fruit farmers, especially apple farmers. The Kougyoku apple, which is close to the original apple species, has a rich sourness perfect to be processed as apple pies or jams. Especially, the ones from Yokote has especially high reputation due to its rich flavors and aroma. At the “Delicatessen & Cafeteria Kougyoku,” you can enjoy the flavourful Kougyoku apple pie.

There, the handmade deli dishes cooked with the selected ingredients from various regions. Since seasonal foods are used, the different types if delis are lined up depending on the season. Those are cooked in a healthy manner wihthout artificial seasonings, refined salt or refined sugar. You can not only take out the fresh delis but also you can eat them at the cafeteria on the second floor. It sells not only delis but also handmade goods, foods or baked sweets and so on.

It sells not only delis but also handmade goods, foods or baked sweets and so on.

Half sweet half sour apple pie

The apple pie, using the sour kogyoku apple, is loved for its sour-sweet taste. The crispy pie and the rich aroma of cinamon makes it even more delicious. Mrs. Takahashi, the chef of the recipe, used to dislike apple pies. “I wanted to make the one which makes even haters love,” said Ms. kurenai Takahashi. After her trial and error, the secret recipe was invented by her.

Delicious delis cooked with selected foods

On the colorful plate of the “deli set,” there are deli dishes you select by yourself, rice made in Akita (brown rice or white rice) and miso soup. There are a total of 9 different delis such as Chinese-style fried eggplant, dried daikon strips radish, marinated red trout, oolong tea pig, the chicken of celery fried. You can enjoy seasonal flavors of cabbages, including the sweet one in winter, with the cabbage salad which has been popular since the restaurant started. The lasagna using a cheese made in Ugo, Akita, using a source made by people with disabilities in the employment support facility in Akita. The grapefruit jelly has been loved by many people regardless of age for its softness created by gelatin.

“Local production local consumption” based on the relationship with the local

“We believe that the concept of local production for local consumption does not only means using local ingredients but also valuing the relationship among local people. At our restaurant, we use not only the ingredients produced in Akita but also the ones introduced by local people who we trust,” said the owner Mr. Takahashi. Based on the relationship with the local, he carefully selects foods one by one. By meeting his clients face to face, he has been trying to establish a trust with them.

“We are trying to listen to the challenges that farmers have and turn them into something which benefits all,” said Ms. Takahashi. Buying even imperfect vegetables fairly from the farmers, he tries to make local people happy including farmers, staffs and customers.


Delicatessen & cafeteria Kogyoku
Location: Yubinbango019-0525 Akita Prefecture Yokote cross-cho, pear-shaped Okino 66-1
Phone number: 0182-42-5770
URL: http: //kougyoku-deli.jp/
Opening hours: meals last order 15:00
Tea and baked goods of the last order 17:00 (fire, Fri 15:00)
Closed: Wednesday
Access: about 4 minutes by car from JR cross Station, about 21 minutes on foot
Next to the Yokote cross Inter exit intersection

Interview & Photography by Ichita Komori & Remo Sugimoto
Edited by Remo Sugimoto