What’s Edge of Japan?
Japan is a string of islands stretching from north to south, blessed with four distinct seasons. There’s a diversity of culture between communities, much of which is unknown to the world. The Edge of Japan’s aim is to share regional cities’ cultures with the world and provide a “real” experience of Japan.
The content of The Edge of Japan’s tours has never been offered anywhere as a tourism package. In the first place, an appreciation of the culture and activities that we introduce is too deep and precious for a large group. That is why you can only experience the real Japan in the kind of small-group tours we specialize in.
If there is any particular art-form, content or cultural area that you are interested in, please let us know. We would contact the master of that culture and share your request. When the reservation is finalized, the master will contact you directly.
For customers joining, or organizing tours from this website, we also arrange accommodation and transport from the nearest Airport or train station,
using the knowledge of local travel agencies.