Travel Design

Led by the sea and wind

It floats in the sea relaxedly, thinking slowly with that and this, time passes.

Energy that had stagnated inside of me by touching nature starts to flow with the wind. It is not a bright world like the ocean of the south, but this sea is the most calm. Of course, not only get on the waves, cruising the surface of the water, enjoying fishing, outdoor sports infinitely spreading various play, stand up buddle, commonly known as SUP. Everyone can enjoy SUP in the naturally rich Oga Peninsula with blue sky and warm wind blowing.

Walking on the sea

Stand on the floating board of the sea and row by paddle. It is a good point of this outdoor sports that you can experience the feeling and excitement that you can not absolutely taste on land, but also in rivers and lakes. What becomes the prototype of modern SUP has been used by ancient people for about thousands of years as a means of moving fish as a means of catching fish. The style of modern SUP began with people enjoying the sea in Hawaii and later spread all over the world. With such a SUP, if you row a little from the beach, you will remember the fresh impression on the coastline watching from the ocean, you can experience a feeling like meditation when you are on the board while being shaken by the waves. It is also possible to approach a wild location that can not be approached from the land, or even to enter the cave. I am delighted to go through rowing the spacious ocean and become able to aim for the uninhabited island off the coast as I get used to it. In the ocean of the Oga Peninsula, the beautiful fields are infinite, and we will soak in the sense that we can freely trip over the ocean.

Great things about Standup Paddle

You can understand the attractiveness of SUP anyway by standing on the board. As soon as you stand, when you change your eyes, the first thing you notice is sight in front of you. If there is no road there, it is a bit different from walking feeling. It’s like a strange feeling standing in the air. I will also remember the illusion of entering the respiration of the sea from the movement that is integrated with the wave. Next time I move my eyes down, I can see the state of the ocean floor. There, a group of small fish running away with feet,You can see the algae trembling with a slow rhythm is lively. Unlike watching the ocean from land normally, surprisingly I notice that the appearance and feeling of the sea world has changed on the SUP. It is also an attraction to lie down on the board, watch the clouds flowing in the sky, sit down and do yoga, and have a relaxing time of thought. Since SUP is an outdoor sports that uses the whole body in a well-balanced manner, the more you enjoy it on a daily basisThe body is tightened in a well-balanced manner, making it ideal for shaping up and daily training. Of course, by doing activities in the sea, you will tell me the importance of being as you are, as you deepen your view of nature, while having a dialogue with nature, the familiarity to the sea will spring up, You can know about. High freedom outdoor sports that can be applied to various styles such as touring and fishing for many kilos, SUP. There may be more opportunities to visit coves with coastlines that you can not go on a daily basis and SUP with places that you do not usually wish to know more about the ocean.