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What is a paraglider?

Sports, paragliding, which can run around the sky. This sport consists only of the winged canopy and the line that controls its wings, so you can fly the sky with a simple style. Originally the roots of paragliders began to descend using parachutes as a means for European alpinists to get off the mountain. Initially it was a means to get down from the mountain, and it was one means to spend more time and enjoyment while descending, but now paraglider development technology has advanced and it has become a sport anyone can enjoy. It can be said that it is the easiest to enjoy air flying in the sports of the sky as a field.

Enjoying the wind, once in the place where it was an island

You can enjoy such a paraglider in the cold wind of the Oga Peninsula that protrudes in the Sea of ​​Japan. The Oga Peninsula was once an island, but it is said that sandbanks with sediments grew and were associated with Ogajima in the offshore area. The cold wind mountain is located in such Oga Peninsula, a mountain with an altitude of 355 meters, originally had several volcanic activities, but now it is a rare mountain nationwide covered most of the mountain with green . The environment where most of the mountains are covered with green and lawn is also handy for those who enjoy paragliding and many people are enjoying paragliding as a safe flight area. In the spring, you can enjoy the emergence of green leaves of young leaves that endured the long winter and mountain cherry trees, and in the summer, in the dark green, in the sunlight, fly. When it is fine we can see Chokaiyama over the sea and enjoy magnificent views of the Sea of ​​Japan and Oga Peninsula. In the autumnal season, you can feel the clear autumn air on your skin, you can see the countryside colored in the golden color which occupies the east foot of the cold wind mountain, enjoying various contrasts depending on the season while feeling the wind.

What a graceful experience, starting from a tandem flight

Tandem flight means two people flight. Let’s experience a tandem flight that a pilot licensed by a cold-burn mountain paraglider school located in a cold-breek mountains together. Since the pilot fully supports from the beginning to the end of the flight, I can taste what it feels like to fly in the sky. When I jumped out into the air, I was surprised by the space that spreads under my feet, a mysterious feeling that myself is floating freely in the wilderness. Feel like the quiet ogre’s natural breath and fly, let’s enjoy the sensation like a bird.