Taste of Nature

Fresh mountain vegetables right from the backyard

Going straight through a Ghibli-like looking forest alongside the Babame river, the farmers’ restaurant Seiryuu no mori appears within an opening surrounded by rich nature. Their Seiryuu Teishoku uses fresh mountain vegetables as well as vegetables from the region. Because the ingredients changes according to seasons, the menu itself changes on a daily bases as well, keeping them with never stoping requests by their heavy users.

This time the Seiryuu teishoku had “Bakke miso” “Mizu tataki” “Iwana fish ball” and a lot more, together with tempuras using seasonal summer vegetables. Besides the Sugina and shiso jelly, there came an additional “Mini tomatoes soaked in a sweet syrup”.

One of the waitresses, Ms. Tetsuko, is a master of mountain vegetables and mushrooms, also growing plants in the garden of the restaurant. Outside of the restaurant, fresh and colorful eggplants and cucumbers are sold at unbelievably cheap prices.

From a beautician to a farmers’ restaurant owner

“I wasn’t the type of a person to eat and speak a lot”, told Ms. Setsuko, the current owner of the restaurant. Originally working as a beautician in Tokyo, she moved to her husband’s hometown Gojome in Akita when she had to quit the job due to an illness. After a while, without thinking much she started to help the farmers’ restaurant that her friend was working, and no sooner than she found herself, she was already working for ten years, today as the owner. Still today she is bringing creative ideas to make it a better lace, like inventing point cards or allowing free bowls of rice.

It all started with the film “The fisher Sanpei”

The restaurant was born when this place became famous as the filming location of “The fisher Sanpei”, and the local government started a competition for naming a new farmers’ restaurant using an old elementary school building that has been left for years. Next to the restaurant beautifully surrounded by forest and water is a traditional style straw-roofed house, which is used as a small B&B.

Reporter’s pick

At this restaurant, you will enjoy not only the food but also the humorous conversation with the staffs and the owner. To really get a full taste of the dishes, you would at least need to eat 3 bowls of rice, which will then be welcomed by additional foods. After getting full, you can relax within the beautiful scenery outside of the window, while the staffs will make you laugh with their manzai like jokes. You never leave this place without a smile, and it is my all-time favorite, the oasis of my heart.



所在地:〒018-1719 秋田県 五城目町馬場目蛇喰27