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Local restaurant in Akita
We highly recommend you to stay at farmer’s guest house when you come to Akita. Farmer’s guest house is an accommodation style which farmers use their own home or vacant house to host visitors. You can experience a life of rural Japan that you cannot do at ordinary hotels. What you can try differ house by house, but you can enjoy a lot by cooking meals together.

From spring to summer, cooking start from helping their work at the farm and going to the mountain to look for edible herbs. Visitors can go hiking, and farmers will tell them which one is edible.

This is a mountain herb “Fuki.” It is a plant that Totoro uses as an umbrella while waiting for the bus if you have seen that Ghibli movie. People eat small one since Fuki do not taste good when they grow too large.

This is mountain Wasabi. Wasabi grows only near clean rivers. Local people know well about where Wasabi is, but it is a difficult one to find for beginners.

They make Tempura and other dishes by those mountain herbs. Ingredients and spices are very simple that you can remember it easily too. Let’s try to make one!

 (Student from Thailand)
Why Onigiri is Triangle

I’ve learned a lot of cooking at farmer’s guest house. Onigiri: rice ball was the best one. Onigiri is well known in Thailand too because many convenience stores sell them. It is familiar also because from Anime and TV shows which people eat Onigiri.

But it was difficult to make one. I was surprised how local people make Onigiri. They placed rice that is just cooked on their hand and make it a triangle. Cooked rice is very hot and hard even touch. It was also challenging to make a good shape as local people did. I used to think that Onigiri is produced in factory using machines. I’ve heard that many mothers in Japanese family make Onigiri and kids take it as school lunch. It’s heartwarming to know that Onigiri is made with love and support for children.